What We Do

MPG and our accredited agents provide wealth creation strategies for migrants and international investors through Australian property. MPG also caters to the local market, wholesaling land to some of the largest investment groups in Australia.


Monopoly Property Group and its expert consultants offer access to a broad range of skills in all areas in the property industry. This allows us to deliver on every stage and achieve outstanding results.

– Research
– Planning
– Consulting
– Marketing
– Sales
– Customer Service
– Project Management
– Cost Control
– Valuation
– Legal & Conveyancing
– Financial Reporting

Our Clients

Our valued clients range from first time buyers to high profile successful entrepreneurs who have invested millions of dollars in the Australian property market and partnered with us in the development process. As clients build their wealth, their investment needs change; this is all part of our “client for life” program.

The Team

Our expert team has been put together to produce exceptional results. They are determined to provide the best possible service in the areas of their respected profession. The team has endured rapid growth over the past few years and are confident they can deliver professional and effective solutions within a variety of areas in the property industry allowing us to deliver on every stage of development.

Proven Results

MPG has a proven record with hundreds of satisfied and repeat clients from Australia, the UK and Asia.